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Avail our finely developed Wires like Capacitor Wires, PVC Wires, etc, that are suitable for using in residential as well as commercial areas and are appreciated for their wide availability in different gauge size and insulating materials. 

About Us

There is no denying in the fact that the technological world that we are surrounded by, is powered by a great technology termed as Wire. It's fair and simple cylindrical construction, transmits power signals at a lightening fast rate that gives us access to telephone networks, TV systems, computer systems, internet network, and specialized electrical functioning equipment. Be it a sophisticated home automation system or an industrial goods producing machine, everything requires wires that can facilitate proper electrical signals. These come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, insulating material and flexibility options. Forming raw materials for many industries from engineering to construction, wire is undoubtedly the most indispensable component whose existence can never be understated. 

Kamakshi Wires is a Manufacturer and Trader of a large variety of wires such as Industrial Wires, PVC Wires, PVC Insulated Wires, Single Core Wires, with a host of others. Our specialty is to deal in all types of wires that comes in different gauge sizes, and materials like rubber like polymers, plastic, copper, etc. Being an excellent conductor of electricity, these can be reduced to the required diameter and magnitude. Since the inception of our company in 2015, we are working under the guidance of our respected mentor, whose vast experience in the domain helped our professionals to create a niche in the market by not only improvising the offered product but its development technique as well as delivery approach. 

What's In Our Store?

We are involved offering different varieties and all types of wires that comes in great lengths, thicknesses and various materials as per the desires of the customers. From small shops, homes to big industries, electrical appliances and many more, wires are required everywhere. Such is the importance of wire that hooks from small to medium gauge for making internal connections inside electronic devices. Listed below is our offered range:
  • Industrial Wires
  • PVC Wires, PVC Insulated Wires
  • Single Core Wires, etc.

Application Areas

Wiring system finds application in almost every of industry where there are machines, electrical appliances and motors interlinked. They act as fundamental component in wire netting, wire cloth making, rope spinning, and various other companies. Its wide demand in fencing, network suppliant, construction of suspension bridges, cages, telephones, musical & scientific instruments, is due to its resistance to moisture, fire and corrosion. Made up of different materials like metals, polymers, etc, these are ideally used in home transmission systems. It is beneficial for providing safety of the workplace because of proper, smooth and effective functioning and its minimal possibility of accidents caused by electrical shocks.